Beach and the Bunkers: The Bear Cubs head to Gateway National Recreation Area!

Matt's Bear Cubs braved the December cold for an epic adventure at Fort Tilden. Matt's Bear Cubs is a recurring program that introduces New York City kids ages 8-12 to the great outdoors! To learn more and see our upcoming events, click here.


Lucky for us, it snowed! Snow angels, snowman- making and snowball fights made for a fun wintry day. 


Ranger Erin met us for a guided hike through the wilderness and taught the Bear Cubs about beach and marsh critters. Check out the horseshoe crab Lalia (left) is holding!


Ranger Erin took the crew through a World War I Era Battery, where the kids got to use their flashlights to explore and tell ghost stories. 


We can't wait to plan another trip with the Gateway Park Rangers, stay on the lookout for events coming up by visiting our upcoming event page!