Our scholarships have sent 12 kids to camps all over New York State, leaving lasting impacts on their relationship with nature and newfound social skills!


Teatown lake camp scholarship

Teatown’s Natural Science Summer Day Camp is jam-packed with adventure, discovery and hands-on fun in the out-of-doors. We’re catching frogs, collecting bugs, climbing rocks and exploring natural habitats all summer long! Teatown Camp brings kids outside to learn about and explore the natural world in four two-week sessions that provide age-specific activities to encourage the spirit of discovery. Each session includes exploration and creative play that fosters childrens’ innate curiosity while teaching ecology and stewardship in Teatown’s abundant meadows, forests, lakes, and streams. 

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Pok-o-maccready camps scholarship

Adirondack summer camps differ greatly from other summer camps in New York. At Pok-O, our century-old tradition of outdoor sports is still very much alive today. We offer activities that you might not find at other camps including: archery, horseback riding, camp craft, candle making, homesteading, and our “History & Mystery” trips which lead campers into the wilderness to learn about the legends of the Adirondacks.

The proximity of our Adirondack summer camp to the Adirondack Park grants us access to more than 6 million acres of woodland, rocks, rivers, lakes, and mountains to explore. We consider it a privilege to be able to share this gorgeous part of the country with our campers each summer, and enjoy fostering their love of the outdoors while teaching them stewardship for the environment.

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Hudson River Clearwater Sloop, inC.

Clearwater Youth Empowerment Programs give students the opportunity to work and learn onboard the Clearwater throughout an intensive three day environmental training. Since 2001, This program has inspired high school students throughout the Hudson Valley.

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